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Medical Billing Services

More cash flow for your practice and more time to help patients.

Consultation Services

We will invest in empowering a greater bottom line and bigger impact for your practice.

Coaching & Management

We ensure leaders are leading and not managing.

Operations Support

Let us help you optimize profitability while streamlining the bottom line.

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Will allow you to focus on patient care and your patient experience.

Our model is that our team of experts are an extension of your team so that every financial and operational function is seamless, and nothing feels outsourced. We are committed to treating your revenue and your bottom line as the #1 priority.

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Our Philosophy Is Partnering With You To Co-Create On A Results Oriented Relationship

We Will Optimize Your Cash Flow

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With Wellness Works Management Partners Medical Billing, we focus on billing daily to ensure claims are going out consistently and there is an increased frequency of cash flow. Don’t get stuck with agencies that only submit 1x per week, we treat your claims like they are our claims. We are part of your team!

We Will Optimize Your Collection Timeline

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Give us 6 months to prove ourselves and optimize your collections and aging timeline trajectory. If A/R does not reduce in the 120+ day range within 6 months, then you may qualify for a discount.

We Are Your Chief Revenue Cycle Officer

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Our model is more than just submitting claims and working denials. We bring a comprehensive approach that includes coding audits, evaluation of policies and procedures, and offer additional financial analytic services to bring a strategic and executive leadership mindset to the table all around your medical billing.

We Are Your Trusted Partner

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We are invested in being a partner with you. It starts with communication, but it relies on results. We believe that this is a relationship and not a transaction in which we want to invest our expertise to exceed your needs, wants, and desired. From quality assurance to strategic analytics to collaborative team oriented relationship, this is a partnership not just an investment.

We Plan For Your Future

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Our goal is to create a roadmap that identifies your strategic objectives and aligns a plan that can help deliver those results. We are one of the few medical billing groups that will help our clients transition from our services to their own in-house services if that is in their best interest on part of their roadmap. This is a relationship not just a transaction.

We Will Streamline Your Operations Workflow

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Our objective is not just to bill insurance and collect revenue, but to streamline the efficiency of your operations as it relates to any revenue related item. Whether it is incorporating a new technology, training your staff, or optimizing your policies and procedures, we are committed to not just streamlining our efficiency but yours too!

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